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  • Ferrosilicon  powder manufacturer

    China Henan jinsheng Metallurgy Group is a professional production of 75 ferrosilicon powder manufacturers, our company has professional mature technical support, to provide customers with high quality 75 ferrosilicon powder.

  • Influence of ferrosilicon on steelmaking

    Silicon is the raw material of smelting ferrosilicate, ferrosilicate suppliers believe that generally with high ferrosilicate rolling, in the process of electric furnace steelmaking, with ferrosilicate powder diffusion deoxidation

  • Electrolytic manganese metal standard and price

    Electrolytic manganese metal is a single metal which is obtained by leaching manganese ore with acid and then sent to electrolytic cell for precipitation

  • Ferrosilicon market pays attention to steel and disk situation

    Last Friday, the factory in Ningxia raised the price of ferrosilicon. The external price was 72#6600 yuan/ton. The actual implementation was cash or acceptance, loose or standard, and the situation of each factory was different.

  • Metal silicon factory quotation

    Recently, the silicon metal market continued to decline, and the transaction was very light. At present, there are many sources of supply and low demand in the market, but the production cost of the factory is high, and low-cost shipments are difficult.

  • Market situation and market analysis of silicon carbide

    The silicon carbide market is currently operating relatively stable, the manufacturers supply and sales are stable, the goods are mainly used by old customers, and the price of new customers is higher. The market demand is still acceptable, the manufactur

  • Metal silicon falling potential geometry?

    The metal silicon market was weakly developed for several weeks, and market transactions were extremely light. In the case of unsatisfactory consumption in the domestic terminal market, the international market price pressure is high and the order loss is

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